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Video installation, 2015.
program on computer, videoprojector or screen, variable dimensions.

Sentences appear on a screen, all built under the model "I am ... and you are ...". The words which complete the sentence are randomly taken in a list containing all the adjectives of the language used for the work.
The process delivers a series of tragical/grotesque assertions, reducing the definition of identity to a set of predefined qualities.
(the works exists in French & English version)

Exhibitions : 7 Elzevir Paris, Spazio In Situ Rome, Mains d'Œuvres Paris, Agence Captures Royan, Espace Croisé Roubaix, Ars Electronica Linz, EP7 Paris, Garage MU Paris, Manège Mons, Section Pigalle Paris, The wrong online.

i am you are

i am you are