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Screen sculpture, 2021.
specific program on computer, screen, sound system.

"Dislessia is a screen sculpture desperately trying to learn Italian. In a disembodied voice, an artificial intelligence repeatedly utters grammatically wrong sentences. When the computer program manages to formulate the expression correctly, it inexhaustibly tackles the next linguistic proposition. From this absurd mechanism emanates a form of poetry, the one found in the eternal repetition of cycles, both tragic and laughable. The title of the work, which means dyslexia in Italian, also refers to the female names commonly attributed to artificial intelligences: Alexa (Amazon), Eliza (M.I.T.). Personified in this way, Dislessia embodies that sense of incommunicability that every human being experiences."
Indira Béraud, curator.

Production : city of Lille.
pictures : Noé Grenier.

Public collection : city of Lille.